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April 15 – Together We Challenge!

  • Posted by EWA Author
  • On April 8, 2021

Date: April 15, 11:45am – 2:15pm CEST

Leading through a time of paradigm shift requires vision, courage and resilience. It calls for people who challenge the status quo and bring innovative solutions to global goals.

This year, the WIL Forum theme is TOGETHER WE CHALLENGE.

Each month throughout 2021, we invite our WIL community to celebrate with us the role of women in challenging and shaping our culture, economy and the future of work in a post-Covid 19 world in need to reinvent itself.

In partnership with IE Higher Education, WIL Digital Talk, Episode 2 will explore BREAKING BOUNDARIES, to reinvent the future of education, business, and societies.

2 hours of inspiration and connection with like-minded people, interactive fireside chats, Ask Me Anything, film screening and mentorship sessions.

Registration is complimentary. Secure your spot today!

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