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Olivia Verhulst

To leverage my 20+yrs as a
Seeking on-going improvement, my career path allowed me to develop in
many fields, professionally or culturally, raised in a family business in
delivering constructive support with a smile,
Brussels, I lived elsewhere in Europe, New York and for 15 years now in
I Connect – Inspire – Support – Enable
– Auditor by profession (I started with Deloitte), my best
As a Consultant – Facilitator, I help:
memories date back form when I monitored European projects
for Citibank, with a simple objective actually: ensure proper
– with a Methodology to analyse and manage
management and wise money spending.
Risks and Compliance
– making Simple what looks complicated
– From my experience in NY as (e-)compliance officer at
Citigroup Global IT and Information Security (IS) offices, I’d point
– discovering how Common Sense improve
out what I learnt in the mist of the Internet “boom” and from all
decisions and how to grow with Business
“actors” there.
Intelligence (instead of uncertainty) to meet
– As Internal Audit & Control Head de Citibank Belgium, the
your objective.
KPMG partner praised me for having improved our control
And, for being a Mentor, I enable my clients:
environment. The IIA certified me as an Internal Audit Quality
– to Make It Happen Their way! 🙂
Assessment Validator.
– I also acted as a Facilitator in large/ small, private/ public
I AI (The IIA) (2011)
– Internal Audit QA Validator (allows to “audit auditors”)
organizations of various sectors.
EMCC Global (2019)
– I Collaborate with the European Mentoring and Coaching
– Mentor/ Coach – Practioner EIA
Council: they accredited me as a Mentor and named me their
Happiness Hero.