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Association of business women North Macedonia

  • Posted by author
  • On December 9, 2020

The Association of Business Women, from North Macedonia, was formally established in July 2010 as
an NGO that actively works to promote and strengthen women’s entrepreneurship in the country and in
the region. Women’s Entrepreneurship as a separate branch for economic development in the private
sector, as well as in the state institutions and associations, has not been clearly identifiable. Association
of business women over time and through many activities contributes female entrepreneurship to be
recognized as a separate entity of strengthening the economy in the country.
Nowadays the Association of Business Women is a specific and competent partner in the dialogue with
the government, NGOs and the private sector, which contributes to the social and economic
development, with special emphasis on the women’s entrepreneurship as a factor of economic growth.
The association plays a leading role in organizing of the dialogue and cooperation between business
women in order to support and promote women entrepreneurs nationally and in the region. As a final
result of recognizing and promoting the activities of our association, is creating of the National Strategy
for strengthening of women entrepreneurship in the Republic of North Macedonia, developed in
cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, adopted by the Government in
December, 2018
In the field of culture we have active members with whom we work to strengthen and regionalize them,
but also to strengthen them in terms of managing, exploiting new opportunities, connecting with
relevant companies.