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Armenian Young Women’s Association (AYWA)

  • Posted by EWA Author
  • On March 4, 2021

Armenian Young Women’s Association (AYWA) is an Armenian non-governmental organization founded
in 2004, which promotes women leadership and social and economic participation in Armenia. AYWA
works with young girls and women above 13 years old. AYWA focus is the family: to empower women:
Through women to empower children too.
AYWA works in the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia.
AYWA’s strategic goal is to enhance the role of women in the development of the country by promoting
their socio-economic and public activism. AYWA’s projects and activities are in compliance with the
following strategic directions: 1) women entrepreneurship development, employment and self-employment;
2) public leadership and 3) professional community networking.

AYWA has established and is coordinating the Women Entrepreneurs’ Network of Armenia (WENA) which is
the biggest platform for women entrepreneurs throughout Armenia. WENA creates new opportunities
for cooperation, networking, empowerment and access to markets for its members.