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January 18 – Biophilic Design Workshop by Nuria Muñoz

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  • On October 3, 2021

This workshop is devoted to the topic of enhancing the connection to nature for an easier work transition.

During the COVID pandemic we have all realised the importance of nature and gained a new appreciation of what it can do for us.

By incorporating biophilic design elements into a space it can illicit similar feelings of wellbeing. This has a multitude of benefits, not only to our health and wellbeing, but it can also aid our psychological aspects and bring a feeling of safety.

Nuria Muñoz will explain us how enhancing the connection to nature in our interior spaces can make the transition back to work easier.

What are the main BENEFITS?

🔹 Reducing levels of cortisol (stress hormone)

🔹 Raising white blood cell count, crucial for immune health

🔹 Raising the concentration of children and adults

🔹 Increasing concentration and creativity, including problem solving and cognitive function.

🔹 Strengthening self-esteem

🔹 Improving short-term memory

🔹 Encouraging children and adults to develop healthy living habits

🔹 Increasing longevity

Nuria Munoz is a Biophilic Interior Designer, and educator in Wellbeing Interior Design.

Born in Basque Country and have lived in different countries, she can speak 5 foreign languages.

Nuria studied Economy in the UPV and Marketing (Award winner in 1999 for young entrepreneurs in Bilbao) CIM. Interior Design in Belgium (2005), Landscaping and Biophilic Design (2019 -Living Future Academy). Nuria is the winner of 2021 Wintrade Award for Fashion and Design.

She advocates the use of ‘biophilic design’ principles to stimulate the adoption of happier, healthier places to live & more productive places to work.

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