Mastermind Circle

This exclusive group is created for business owners and high-achievers that want to scale, promptly get their challenges solved and connect to other business owners that are on the same level (or higher) in their journey as an entrepreneur.

Men and women are welcome, as diversity is key to creativity and innovation!

5 reasons why you should join?

On a monthly basis during a practical mastermind facilitated by the experts in the safety of the team.

1. We will tackle the following challenges:
– how to build and diversify teams
– scaling your business
– investors
– mental state, stress
– power of strong communication
– confidence to grow
– finance
– relationships

2. You will also have monthly a personal mentoring session, where in all privacy, personal and professional challenges can be discussed.
3. Access to EWA’s and Yulia’s larger network
4. Buddy system for deeper networking and accountability
5. Priority booking for the Transformational Retreats, as the spots are very limited.

– impact through growth
– connect to serve
– privacy and confidentiality is crucial
– openness for true connections

Disrespecting the values will lead to an immediate exclusion from the circle.

Yearly Fee: 1500€ /year excl VAT.

That fee stays entirely in the Non-profit organization, supporting:
initiatives for young girls
charity projects for disabled children and young cancer patients
sustainability of the eco-system

You can apply here and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours if eligible

Thank you for your trust

Please fill in the form for application (confidentiality guaranteed)