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April 20 – “How to Survive the Funding Journey”

  • Posted by EWA Author
  • On April 8, 2021

Date: April 15, 3pm – 5pm CEST 

The event consists of 3 different sessions🤩 : 20 April – Think like an Investor, 27 April: Soft Skills, 4 May: What happens after the investment

A series of practical workshops with Business Angels and Female founders, sharing the reality behind Fundraising.

A recent report found that while male-only founders raised $195 billion in 2019, female-only founded companies raised just $6 billion. Female founders with a male cofounder were at a much higher advantage: They raised $20.9 billion in 2019.

Some of the reasons lie with the investment industry and their traditional old-style behaviors, the lack of experience of seeing women pitch their projects and not taking them seriously.

On the other hand, there is data that shows women entrepreneurs tend to ask for too little money and not being able to demonstrate their Big Goal to achieve.

Your invitation:

Let us speak openly with a male business angel and listen to his advice and perspective when investing in female founders.

Let’s speak about leveraging “female qualities” in business and scale easier.

You will have an opportunity to have an open and frank conversation on how male investors see women entrepreneurs and why soft skills are so important.

Also, Female founders that raised millions in the last few years will be invited to share openly the reality behind Fundraising.

Join us for 3 Practical workshop sessions

20 April: Session 1: Think like an Investor

During this session, we are to learn how an investor manages their portfolio and how they make decisions.

You will hear a live pitch and make a decision as an investor if you would fund the entrepreneur.

27 April: Session 2: Soft Skills

In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to analyze what soft skills are necessary to master in order to obtain investment.

You will also have an opportunity to practice exercises in developing these key skills.

04 May: Session 3: What happens after the investment?

Probably the most important process to master after receiving the investment.

You will have an opportunity to create your own KPIs and have a structured process on reporting to your co-founders, investors and partners.

The sessions are recorded and those who joined the 3 sessions, will get the recording.

The sessions will be divided in 3 practical segments:

Segment 1- Hard data and presentation by the instructor

Segment 2- Q&A Session on the subject

Segment 3- Case study to take away.



• 20 April at 3 PM CET

• 27 April 3 PM CET

• 4 May 3 PM CET

Webinar form, 2h long max with Q&A.

Investment: 69€ per session per person


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