Who We Are

The European Women’s Association is a global platform that empowers female founders by establishing a strong and safe foundation for women-led projects and initiatives. Through the European Women’s Association Platform, women worldwide have an increased access to: Funding, Business Networks, Education. EWA as a platform which brings together organizations that support women-led businesses, aims to provide its members with an enabling environment – granting access to large-scale entrepreneurs and stakeholders, markets, finance, information.

With partners all over the world, EWA represents a digital ecosystem for connecting: it builds business bridges internationally facilitating entrepreneurial communication and exchanges.

EWA’s Ecosystem consists of strong Global Players that support Women in Business. With the Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, we unite Associations, Corporate Partners, Investors, EU commission programs and businesswomen on one digital platform.


The European Women’s Association has representatives worldwide:

Western Europe: Brussels, Geneva, Monaco, London
Latin America: Mexico City
Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria
MENA region: UAE, Oman

EWA’s Mission

  • Supporting women led projects and empowering their initiatives.
  • Providing access to expert coaching, mentoring, networking from partner organizations to bring female businesses to the global level.
  • Sharing Education & Knowledge in the form of online workshops and offline events.
  • Offering benefits from the Trusted Curated Business Network Providing opportunities to achieve international business exposure and grow globally

EWA’s Vision

Empowering female entrepreneurs around the globe and contributing to a prosperous future.

Events organised
Countries represented

Why join us?

For Founders:
  1. Online webinars & trainings
  2. Access to finance
  3. Trade missions
  4. Opportunity to scale your business
For Investors:
  1. Access to deal flaw
  2. Coinvestment opportunities
  3. Network with FO, VC, BA
  4. Trade missions
For Corporates:
  1. Sponsorship opportunities
  2. Access to a global network
  3. Access to innovation
  4. Partnerships
For Public Sector:
  1. Gender equality projects
  2. Awareness & Dissemination
  3. Private-Public partnerships
  4. Research


Executive Team
The Executive Team is based in Brussels, Belgium and is a supportive organism for partnering countries and organizations. Executive team also monitors European Commission partnership opportunities, coordinates communication and Public Relations.
Advisory Board
The Advisory Board is a team of experts that support EWA with cultural, strategic and business advice. The Board actively supports the association with introduction to potential partners, expanding EWA’s positive impact internationally.
Country Leaders
Country Leaders are active EWA team members that represent their country ecosystem. Country Leader contributes to the expansion of the community.
Country Partners
Country partners are active community members that contribute to the ecosystem with their local network and their expertise.
Ambassadors share EWA’s values. They promote the vision and the mission of the organization. They represent EWA and its initiatives in their country, helping to reach more partners for the ecosystem.
Ecosystem Partners
Ecosystem Partners are companies, institutions and organizations sharing the mission of EWA. In collaboration more measurable results are achieved.