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The European Women’s Association is a global platform that empowers female founders by establishing a strong and safe foundation for women-led projects and initiatives. Through the European Women Association Platform, women worldwide have an increased access to:

The European Women’s Association is an Ecosystem of European Business Support Organizations, based in Brussels, building business bridges for women internationally.

Represented in:
Western Europe, Brussels, Geneva, Monaco, London
Latin America, Mexico city
Eastern Europe, Kiev
MENA, Dubai, Oman

The ecosystem is supported by over 15 different countries, ambassadors, European Commission, and corporates such as Google, Deloitte, MasterCard, and many more.


EWA’s Ecosystem consists of strong Global Players that support Women in Business. With the Headquarters in Brussels Belgium, we unite Associations, Corporate Partners, Investors, EU commission programs and businesswomen on one digital Platform.

In collaboration with First ladies of the countries, we support great initiatives led by them and help spread the initiatives globally.

EWA offers:

Global networking opportunities
Online webinars & trainings
Community within Community (Circles)
Direct chat options


Country Leaders


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